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A code of practice for recreational fishers
Supported and funded by the Australian Government the National Recreational Fishing Code of Conduct was designed to present best practice principles that are relevant to all forms of recreational fishing. The object of the code is to empower recreational fishers to make responsible decisions in the pursuit of their passion.

If you have any comments or queries about the code you can send them to: enquiries@recreationalfishing.com.au
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F: Fishing

When I'm out fishing I will always respect and appreciate the fish that I catch and keep or release.

I: Interactions

Fishing is a privilege that can be shared by each and every Aussie angler, so I will respect fellow fishers and other members of the community, and obey the rules

S: Stewardship

Every day that I fish, I will demonstrate care for all fish and the environment through my actions

H: Habitats

Without our beautiful country and its waterways.I would not be able to go fishing, so I will actively respect, protect and restore our unique riverine and marine habitats.