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Protect your Industry. Protect your future.


Australia’s recreational fishers are practical environmentalists – it’s in our interest to protect our riverine and marine environment. With greater care and preservation of their habitats, better fish stocks and fishing opportunities are created for current and future generations. Thankfully many fishers already undertake on ground activities that not only protect but improve our riverine and marine environments.

Recreational fishers are also the largest stakeholder group affected by fisheries management and marine and riverine policies. With around 5 million recreational fishers in Australia, the opportunities to improve the riverine and marine environments through on ground activities and better engagement in policy development are significant.

We believe recreational fishers deserve a greater say in how our fisheries, oceans and rivers are managed. we plan on achieving this by:

  • Working with local fishing clubs, fishing shops, other community groups and governments at all levels to develop programs that facilitate practical on ground works aimed at improving our riverine and marine habitats.
  • Working with Governments and policy makers at all levels to ensure recreational fishing is recognized in the formation and implementation of policies that affect our riverine and marine environments.

We have already formulated policies on a number key national issues, including  Marine Parks, the super trawler and small pelagic fishery, the fisheries harvest strategy and the fisheries bycatch strategy.