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Education is one of our core beliefs at the ARFF; Not only is recreational fishing Australia’s biggest sport and leisure activity, it also provides a variety of benefits to the community. While the benefits of recreational fishing are well understood by those of us who fish, the broader community is not aware they also benefit from understanding what recreational fishing can offer in terms of health, social, economic and environmental benefits.

Some of our activities in relation to education focus on the following:

  • Facilitating the benefits of fishing as a healthy outdoor activity through ‘Teach a Kid to Fish’ programs.
  • Facilitating the health benefits of fishing through fishing programs for the handicapped, mentally ill and those recovering from medical traumas.
  • Educating the community about the benefits of sustainable fishing methods and protecting our unique riverine and marine environments.
  • Educating the government and policy makers about the economic, social and environmental benefits of recreational fishing and why recreational fishing should be recognised as an important aspect of any policy relating to fisheries management, marine conservation, tourism, regional development, and promotion of healthy outdoor activities, sport and education.