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Clear Waters Initiative

Protect our water

Clearer Waters Initiative

Eurpoean carp have been invading our inland waterways for over 30years. Each year they strengthen their stronghold. They muddy our rivers , destroying aquatic vegetation, increasing the pressure on our native fish species and degrading the general health of our inland waterways.

Recent reports reveal that carp are now being caught where they were thought not to inhabit – our colder water rivers and streams and estuary systems. Their grip on our aquatic environment is tightening.

They are Australia’s worst freshwater aquatic pest and rival the crown of thorns star fish as an environmental threat and in their ability to destruct our unique inland waterway environment. Its time the invasion of Carp was stopped, before its too late.

The Clearer Waters Initiative is about tackling our biggest threat to inland waterways. But its going to take help from all of us.

By working with the Federal and State Governments, other organisations like the Invasive Species Council, National Irrigators Council, National Farmers Federation and Australian Conservation Foundation, the Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation wants to turn the tide on carp.

We want to not only stop their invasion but sending them into retreat. We want to remove them and replace them with Australian native species and restore the health of our inland waterways by also rehabiliting the riverine habitat. We want to see our inland rivers run clearer and again abound with native aquatic species.

However, to do this, the Government is proposing to introduce a biological control – a specific herpesvirus into our waterways to control and reduce carp numbers. It is a virus that is specific to European carp and will not infect or affect other fish or animal species. The Government is confident that if implemented properly the virus will be successful controlling and reversing the carp invasion.

To achieve the clearer waters initiative will be monumental. It will be one of the largest environmental initiatives ever attempted in Australia and if successful, it will create a lasting environmental legacy for future generations – restoring clearer, healthy rivers to Australia.