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Eradicate the eradicators – New plan for carp management

Eradicating the eradicators PDF

The Fisheries Development and Research Corporation (FRDC) have just released their National Carp
Control Plan (NCCP) with $15 million invested by the Australian Government to help lead the way in
eradicating Carp from Australia’s natural waterways.
We, the Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation (ARFF) as the peak body for recreational fishing
are pleased to see that FRDC are asking the right questions to the right people, enabling the best
possible outcome for the NCCP. We all want this project to be completed correctly causing minimum
impact and harm to the native fish and natural waterways.

The Governments investment will go towards the research and public consultation of the plan to
raise awareness of Carp and how FRDC plan to control and eradicate these pests in Australia in the
most humane and effective way.

The ARFF Managing Director Allan Hansard is proud to show support for this project.

“It is great to see that the FRDC are able to safely and sustainably target Carp to eradicate them
from our natural waterways. It is a great step forward with high expectations, they’re asking the
right questions and providing credible evidence from their research to address the issue.”

“This is what we support, a plan which will eradicate the pest species whilst causing minimal to no
harm to the native fish and waterways, helping the numbers of native fish grow to what they once

The NCCP will help to make Australia’s natural waterways go back to what they once were before the
pest species took over. Pristine waterways with clear water and a thriving habitat for the native
For more information head to: www.carp.gov.au or their Facebook @auscarpplan


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